Who Are We?

Great question, the Marketplace Church has actually been around for longer than you might think. For over 160 years we were in the actual Market Precinct, but we had to move due to unsafe premises. We are a part of a wider group of believers and affirm the need to journey together in seeing Christ change our lives.

Since moving we rediscovered an urgency in stepping out beyond our comfort zones and choosing to be the Church for those around us. Do we do the best we can? Well, there’s always room for improvement, but our heart is for people. Just as God’s is.

Jesus spent a lot of His time back in the day in the “Marketplace” talking, sharing and praying with people, so that’s why we’re having a crack at it as well.

MISSION NOW is what we are committed to. Not tomorrow, not next year, NOW. For that is what God has given us, now to work with.