Beat & Beyond

Our community passionately lives out the call of God to share the Good News of Jesus with all whom we enounter. Here is just a taste of what we are involved with...

Personal — All of us are engaged in the life where we have neighbours, family, friends, work colleagues and even strangers with who we are challenging ourselves to love as we would want for ourselves.

Local — We are supporting many needs, including one-on-one assistance commitments and taking God’s jumping castle to schools and community events.

National — As we are committed to taking God to where the people are.

International — Hey, the secret’s out – God created the whole world, not just our backyard, and He sent Jesus to reach every human being, not just those we know and like... We are always seeking to step into where we see and sense God moving and inviting us to get involved. We are or have: supported volunteers at an orphanage in India, bought push bikes for Jesus freaks in the Sudan, supporting children’s protection training in Vietnam, journeying with a church plant in Burma, assist with a traineeship in Uganda, supply bibles to students in the Philippines, and many others are in the works...

What is God laying on your heart.......?????