Life groups

Why are we called life groups? Simply, we “do life” together. Although we wouldn’t swap Jesus for the world, following His gospel is not always easy and we believe God gives us our ‘family’ (blood ties or not!) to share in the joys of life and to help each other out and encourage each other in the hard times.

Because Life is better in community

Whether it’s cooking meals for a family ‘doing it tough’, helping someone move house, chipping in to spoil someone with a weekend away or new bed (it’s true!) or helping out at the local schools ‘busy bee’, we believe Jesus calls us to be His hands and feet in our very own backyard, not just turn up to church on Sundays.

We love to grow together in God’s word and in following Christ and so regularly meet together to share a meal and study the bible, discuss a book that challenges us or simply hang out! The Northern group likes their chances at a ‘sing-star’ championship so the challenge may be thrown out to the other life groups very soon!

Our life groups are based on where we live and being a mobile church we come from all over the place! We currently have life groups based in the North and West. We meet Wednesday nights at 7pm. Come with your questions, we don’t claim to have it all figured out but we love to journey together with God and seek His answer for whatever situation life throws at us!

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Hope to see you soon!