Welcome to the Market-Place!

You may have heard of us, maybe you haven’t, but thanks for checking us out. We are the Market-Place Church (MPC) based in the city of Adelaide. We don’t claim to be people who have life figured out or have it all together, instead we are just a bunch of people who have a desire to journey together and discover the wonder and greatness of who God is.

We aren’t overly that precious about being traditional when it comes to Church meetings. We just love the idea of community, hanging out and allowing Jesus to set the scene.

We can see and are saddened by the fact that many people, maybe including YOU, have been hurt by the Church in the past, and so we understand that if you haven’t been for a while, that it would be hard to be involved. Our hope is that although people might not always do what’s right by you, we know that God won’t ever do that to you.

So if you’re up for something fresh, yet real to the core, something that isn’t overly that glossy or intimidating, instead quite accessible and community based, true to life, why not come along to one of our service on Sunday at 9:55am. You may just be pleasantly surprised, many others have.