Kid's Church

Any community without children is a community without a future. We believe our young people are the world changers of today and the leaders of the future.

Jesus said ‘Let the children come to me, do not stop them for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these’ (Matthew 19:14). We passionately agree!

Our Kids and Youth areas are the most fun and vibrant areas of our building. Kids absolutely love coming and discovering who they are made to be. It is a dedicated and safe area of our building.

Gone are the days of boring old Sunday School. This is interactive, relevant, fun stuff for the kids of today, it includes activities, stories and dramas all biblically based with a strong emphasis on their growing in character...

Not only are we a kid focussed Church but we are also a kid safe Church. Safety of our Kid’s physical, emotional and spiritual being is very important to us! One aspect of keeping our kids physically safe is by their carers signing each child in and then signing each of them out. Our main time for Kid’s church coincides with our morning catch up for all us adults. We even choose to meet on Sundays through the school holidays as well.

If you would love to see your kids “ignite” for God and have fun in the process, then why not join us and let the “sparks” fly?